In memory of


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I remember you,

From many years ago.

We laughed, we talked,

We smiled, we fought.

We played childish games,

Called each other funny names.

We sat in class as friends,

We exchanged pens.

You scribbled on the desk,

I frowned upon the mess.

You ripped out pages from your textbook,

Just so you could carry the pages for another look.

High school came and went

Just as it was meant.

You signed me an autograph

Promising to meet in the year 2050.

We parted ways,

Fond goodbyes, promises, no lies.

We lost touch.

Each in one’s own world

Of fun and troubles.

A few years later

I get the shocking call.

You had cheated me of a meeting.

You left without saying.

No goodbyes, forgotten promises,

And a big fat lie.

But I still remember you,

From memories of old.

I wish you had stayed on,

Clung on by a thread,

Or just simply called a friend.

You may have moved on

To a seemingly more peaceful world.

But the ones you left behind,

We still remember you.


Designed in deceit


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Hello, my darling. I’ve missed you so. I’ve so many things to tell you, I dont know where to begin.

We’ve spent decades together. And we still know only a tiny bit of each other. We thought we had time, but it runs out so fast. It is a luxury we mortals don’t have. Once the clock starts ticking it is a mad mad mad race against time.
All those days of silence, sparsely pitted with talk which turned out to be lies. Lies,lies,lies! That was the foundation. The foundation of mistrust, deceit and hate.
Everything we ever did was never true. It was all just a facade for the prying eyes. Eyes that never stopped sneaking looks. It was nobody’s business but our own. Oh but they did see…the beauty of us. A smooth, shiny, reflective veneer over the greying, crumbling, ugly darkness inside.
The worst was the hollowness. True, no one could see it. Thats what made it almost unbearable. A personal hell of seclusion and loneliness.
We wove a wonderful web which glistened in multicoloured rays. The web of a spider, stalking its prey. Those prying eyes were just like the little fly; the little fly mesmerised by the shimmering spider web, drawn to it. The irresistible web of deceit.
They hated us, they loved us. They hated that they loved us.
They were jealous. Green with envy at our apparent expansive happiness. The prying eyes never stopped prying, or sneaking lovingly jealous glances. The fools. They were in love with an image. An image designed in deceit.

Like and dislike


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I love the gentle breeze

On a nice summery day.

I hate how I would freeze

When winter’s cold was at play.

I love how the wind

Ruffled my brown hair.

The chic, fringes unpinned

Revealing my face fair.

Oh how I love mutton

I’m a shameless glutton.

But catfish on a plate

Is a dish I absolutely  hate!

I love my cozy spot

In front of the TV thats what.

I dislike the icy rain

It is but a pain.

All this I think

In my little doggy brain.

My Midnight Visitor


I came to you
One moonlit night
Upon a softest murmur
Floating on a fluffy cloud.

I came close to you
As if in a sweetest dream
And whispered in your ear
As you lay quietly asleep.

“Hush now, my dear,
Don’t you fear
I’ve come here just for you
You’ll see that soon.”

I gently touched your silver skin
You pushed me away
I tried yet again
And you turned the other way.

To wake you isn’t my desire
But it makes me sad
That you would deny me so
Despite my tender efforts.

I watched you as you lay
In content slumber
Lost in shining dreams,
Unaware of my watchful eye.

A touch upon your soft skin
Is all I would need
For I was sure to be light
Try as hard as I might.

And then came the time
When I could say you were mine
I kissed your beautiful face
With much more than practiced grace.

Oh you were furious
You jumped right out of bed
Swatting at me
Sending me fleeing for life.

I told you in a buzz
All I want is a tender bite
And a sip of your blood
For that’s my only survival.

Yes, I’m your midnight visitor
I’ll come see you again
But please don’t swat and shoo
Because that’s what mosquitoes like me do!

Monsoon Moanings


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I’m not the biggest fan of rainy weather.


I hate getting wet in the downpour.

I detest slush getting inbetween my toes and all over my feet.

I dislike getting mud-splashed all down my behind. All this especially if one is in a country where even paved roads are slushy.

I cannot stand the fact that mosquitoes breed in the stagnant puddles and are ultimately after my blood…literally.

I loathe catching second-hand germs from sick people, and they are abundant during the monsoons…both germs/viruses and sick people.

It irritates me that the sudden monsoon showers spoil my plans of getting out of the house.

I can’t bear to see muddy tracks of feet that have passed, which is unavoidable in this weather.

Its annoying to see weeds and grass popping up in the garden, and with such lush ‘green-ness’!

I find the cold that the rain brings in distasteful.

I hate being in crowds that have been caught in the rain.

The stench of soggy clothes makes me gag. Not to mention wet shoes and socks. Eeyuck.

I hate that the leaves on trees continue to drip even after the rains have stopped. And they WILL fall on my head or clothes, making unsightly splotches.

Its aggravating when torrential rains inevitably cause disruption of tv transmissions, and a horde of other electrical maladies.

I could go on, but I think I’ve bashed the monsoon enough for now!

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Conserve today to save tomorrow!


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What would Earth be

Barren and bereft

Of lush green meadows

And tall, mighty trees?

A thought do we spare,

Of the paper we tear,

Left unused and littered

On the ground scattered?

Man’s greedy mind

At work endlessly,

Seeks ways to tap energy

For all his thoughts are monetary!

Millions of years did it take

For petroleum below ground to be made

All finished in a decade

While we put on a brave façade.

Did we stop to think of coal,

That has been so lavishly sold?

What will we be left with,

The future not considered a bit?

Do we not yearn to see our children

In happiness and splendour flourish?

But man depleting nature’s stores

Will murder our children by force.

“Cruel, cruel”, we shake our heads,

But not a tear has been shed.
For many a tree and hill has died

Leaving no place for animals to hide.

Empty, torn and dry,

Our Earth is left to cry

The winds blow by,

Breathing a deep sigh.

“Look into the future”,

Young minds we must nurture.

Instill a sense of survival

For man is our own rival.

Join hands to protect Earth’s legacy,

That Nature has bestowed abundantly,

Conserve today with fervour,

Save tomorrow forever.

** Originally penned in 2006

Too much crosses the line

Sometimes there’s just too much…

  • too much food
  • too much exercise
  • too much rain
  • too much heat
  • too much love
  • too much hate
  • too much pain
  • too much wealth
  • too much laughter
  • too much hope
  • too much despair
  • too much criticism
  • too much variety
  • too much favour
  • too much war
  • too much praise
  • too much talk
  • too much silence
    ……and too much of so much more!

No more drafts.


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Fair warning: This is just a random rant, but perhaps I could scrounge up something worthwhile after all. For out of randomess comes order.

It’s disheartening when I look at my dashboard and see no more drafts to save the day! No poetry, no prose.

On one of my day-dreaming sessions (yes, I do day dream, how else could I write?), a thought trickled in unheeded, and Silent Fury raised its ugly little pea-sized head. Here’s what I thought to myself, “The world’s an unfair place.” Now what could I be possibly talking about?? I’ll tell you again, “THE WORLD’S AN UNFAIR PLACE!” (Capitals for more emphasis; not an attempt to be rude).

If you’re looking forward to insight on my thought processes, don’t even think about it because you’ll get lost in there. I do too time and again. My mind is just like a hoarder’s room – crammed with stuff you might think is sh*t, but precious to me. But what I can do is tell you why I think what I said is true.

Here’s the way I see it:

1. So many of the poor and homeless remain poor and homeless. So few of them make it upwards. It is sad.

2. Attack and defence doesn’t just exist in war. It’s so very common in human relationships. It’s too bad that most of the time ego is the barrier to healing process.

3. Hypocrisy is not a thing of the past. You and I see it everyday. It can be hurtful sometimes.

4. People die everyday at the hands of others for whatever maybe the reason – jealousy, greed or plain cruelty. It’s heartbreaking to see that humans can be driven to the point of taking a life.

5. Rape is unjust, unfair and a horrible horrible crime. But more on that later.

6. If you’re going to eat meat, pray that the poor animal came to an end mercifully. It’s terrible if they were tortured.

7. The shrewd, evil, petty, narrow-minded, self-righteous souls seem to come out on top always (you know who you are). Its a shame that most people fall for their hood-winking.

8. Procrastination is not a sin. But sometimes we pay dearly for it. Unfair!

9. He who tries to do the right thing, most often faces a backfire. If only everyone had a similar sense of justice.

10. Everyone has a right a birthright – The right to happiness. But so many are denied this birthright.

Maybe I’m wrong about this, maybe you don’t see it like I do. But hey, this is my sapce right here. And I’m here to stay.