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Good evening, my Lady,

How art thee today?”

Fair and fine, dear Gentleman,

How come you upon this way?

Business“, said the Gentleman,

Of a truly enticing nature.

Said the Lady, “Pray what could it be,

If I may?

Could only matters of utmost importance

Bring me to these parts“, said he

For I hail from the far South

Where sushine is at its best.

Oh, woe is me who hath not seen

The beauty of the South“, said she

I hear of magnificent bounties

As nature did deeply invest.

‘Tis true that natural glory is bountiful there,

Yet I’ve recently come upon

Priceless treasures here“, said he to the lady fair.

The sun doth shine so brightly there,

As against its pale light here.

But pale is oft glorious,

Beautiful and sometimes rare!”,

Said the gentleman

To the lady fair.