Where do broken hearts go to heal?

Is there a place they go,

Or is it just time,

Sorrow’s greatest friend, saying hello?

How long must time stay

For the heart to get back to its old ways?

Do they ever heal

Or does one just begin to forget?

Must broken hearts heal on their own?

Will time help patch things up?

Do they hope for a loving word, a kindly glance,

A friendly face, a helping hand?


Where do broken hearts go?

Do they really have to?

Or can they stay and just be,

And eventually heal?

Will staying make it worse?

The memory renewed everyday,

Would it be better to forget,

And pretend to go on its way?

What does the heart need to mend?

Will anyone rise to its defence?

Will  a sword appear, a flame bright and clear,

A strong word or someone dear?

Can broken hearts forget?

Or is that what really happens?

Forget and not heal,

Just pretend and not feel?