That broken window, that leaky faucet

That cracked mud pot, that squeaky floor board

That shaky table, that smudge on the mirror

I’ll get to it tomorrow because its not going anywhere.

Tomorrow turned to days,

Then months and then a year,

And I still tell myself, I’ll get to it later

Never fear.

A year became two.

Thats two season changes

I’m two years older,

The rings on that banyan are wider,

My window, faucet, floor board, mud pot

Table and mirror still need my attention.

Before I knew it,

Those sneaky culprits called disease and age

Jumped upon me.

I didn’t see it coming

Neither did I feel it.

And before I knew it

I had no tommorow,

No later,

No years or months or days.

I had only today,

But today wasn’t enough,

All my yesterdays were long gone

And all I had to show for it were

The broken pieces of insignificant things,

The things that didn’t matter to me,

The things that will never matter to anyone.

There is no tommorow,

But I had my today.