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Now hold on just a minute before you get reading. This piece is not about the famous classics that we know and love. This one is more personal. So don’t misinterpret the title!

To say I’m a reader is an understatement; or perhaps ‘was’ an understatement considering I don’t get as much time or opportunity to snuggle down with a good book (or e-reader these days) in hand! Gone are the times when I couldn’t wait to get back home from school and get digging into the new book I’d snagged from the library. I was a voracious, insatiable fiction-reader. Yes, I was that wierd, quiet kid with the book. When most of the other kids my age were out playing in the evenings, I would be in my room with a book. Thus, some of the best times of my adolescence I remember were spent with my best friends – books!

Although there are many books, characters and authors I love, this post is on one of my favourites – Robin Cook. Like many people, I enjoy a good thriller. But add a bit of medical mystery and I’m sold! I can’t specifically recall when exactly I started reading his books, but I think it was sometime around 7th grade. I do remember that the first one I read was Coma which is perhaps one of his most popular works of all time. What I enjoyed most was that he took fact and added fiction to it, creating a perfect balance. He addresses real-world issues and problems of ethics in the books which sets our minds thinking. I must  admit that as I grew older, these novels even shaped my opinions and thoughts to a small exent. To me it was like learning a bit of medicine while smack in the middle of a thriller! Doesn’t get better than that.

Acceptable Risk is a favourite of mine. But then again, all those books were my favourites. Later, somewhere along the line I fell in love with Laurie Montgomery, Jack Stapleton and Lou Soldano, so much that they were almost like my own friends.

A few months ago, I’d been hit by a wave of nostalgia and I’ve been re-reading (maybe for the 10th time) all his books! And I’m still blown away. And likely to be even the next time I pick up those books, open those well-worn pages and read them all over again when nostalgia strikes next.