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Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand

The Beauty in Nothingness:

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say that I find beauty in nothingness. Don’t get me wrong, I like pretty things too! But surely a vast expanse of light blue sky is quite similar to a blank canvas. And you’re the artist with limitless possibilities of what you could create upon this virtually untouchable, yet undeniably seductive drawing board waiting to be coloured by YOUR imagination, and your imagination ONLY.

I admit I’m an incurable romantist, to a fault. I could spin a love story between a German Shephard and a canary! Be that as it may, it took me by surprise when I realised that I had finally found indescribable excellence in artistry on the sandy beaches in Vietnam. Who knew that mind-bogglingly delicious phở would open my eyes and expand my senses. As I stared at this stunning expanse, inspiration unfurled its tight fist and I was swept up in a wave of passion for nature and its splendour; much like the flow of the waves at high tide, louder, stronger. Phở for thought isn’t it?

Granted, I’m a beach-lover and a sucker for all things beachy. But just look at this picture above. Who wouldn’t want to spend a devilishly lazy day, under an umbrella, sipping piña colada and dreaming of absolutely nothing? I’m proud to say I was doing exactly that on a holiday in Vietnam. Not only are the beaches stunningly beautiful, it is evident that the country has a rich heritage and vast history etched into it. Not to mention the good nature and polite disposition of its people.

The road that leads to the sea

The road that leads to the sea

The Path to Nowhere:

Just like my love for beauty in nothingness, I’m partial to the path that leads to nowhere because no place is just ‘nowhere’. It’s ALWAYS some where. You don’t just grow up and get to nowhere. We literally choose our way through life – what subject to major in, what kind of employment to seek, who you decide to spend your life with, and many many more. Aren’t these conscious decisions we make? This road on your right leads straight to the sea, unwavering and definite. So if you’re going down that road, be sure to equip yourself suitably.

What prepares us for life is life and its rich experiences itself. Not a textbook or a guidebook of any sort. Our observations, interactions, stimuli and responses shape us into the individuals we are, is my belief.

So lets choose wisely, not in a twisted manner to a selfish means and end, but passionately, for everyone deserves a stab at happiness.

With all that said, I’d like to leave you with a few snapshots from our Vietnamese sojourn:


Pearl Farm

Phu Quoc

HCMC Opera HouseHCMC City Hall

Fruit vendor The Notre Dame Catherdral HCMC

Reunification Palace HCMC