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As I began writing this piece, I realized something. One can NEVER actually describe an experience in its entirety or all its glory! I mean, yes, you can use pretty, descriptive words to get the message/feeling across, but it rarely does justice to what you truly felt. True, pictures say a thousand words; so I’m going to make use of that for now!

It was easy picking the destination. Hello, Phuket, here we come!!! Plus, living in its neighbourhood on the Asian belt just made it easier. So off we went to have a tiny taste of Paradise.

Now who in their right minds wouldn’t want to wake up to this:

Day-Break at Kata Beach

Day-Break at Kata Beach

By the way, don’t miss what’s at the peak of the hill…Phuket’s Big Buddha. This breath-taking view is what we could see from our hotel windows.

Wouldn’t life be simply gorgeous if you could wake up, drink coffee, eat a scrumptious breakfast and stroll down to the beach for a leisurely afternoon, without a care in the world?

Kata Beach

Kata Beach

Boy,did all that sun and salt kick in the hunger! Don’t fret…grub’s up next! Start drooling NOW!

A meal for two!

A meal for two!

While in Phuket, what you must absolutely NOT miss out on, is Island Hopping! Generally, your hotel desk will give you the information you need for this. They usually have packages, or they would tell you where to go and rent a Long tail boat for the day; complete with your personal boatman! It was by far one of the best boat-riding experiences I’ve had in a loooooong time!

Thats our boat for the day

Thats our boat for the day

First stop: Ko Gaew

Ko Gaew, also known as Buddha Island, is quiet and cozy. There’s a small stretch of sandy beach, easily accessible via the aforesaid long tail boat. Its quiet and peaceful, just what the doctor ordered for those work-stressed nerves!

Ko Gaew

Ko Gaew

Ko Gaew2

Ko Gaew3

Ko Gaew4

Next Stop: Coral Island

Coral Island, one of the more popular islands, is known for its clear, shallow waters and coral reefs, ideal for snorkelling for first-timers and kids. Personally, I had the best time there! Not only was it spectacularly beautiful with its crystal clear water, there was this delightful little restaurant by the beach serving the most delicious things that I’ve ever tasted! And fresh, oh so fresh, seafood!

Coral Island

Coral Island2 Coral Isalnd

Sea bed

Crystal clear waters!

Talk about FRESH seafood

Last Stop: Ko Bon:

Ko Bon is a small island just off Rawai, about a kilometer away. Tired, but happy, we tumbled off to explore and relax on the white sandy beach. And yes, we fell asleep under the shade of a low-branched tree on easy-chairs, listening to the ebb and flow of the tide.

A little something of what we sipped:

Of course, what you see here is nothing but a snippet! There’s so much more that words don’t do justice!

And yes, there were a few things that made us go “Awwwww”, or smile!

He was wearing a teeny tiny tee!

He was wearing a teeny tiny tee!

...and we smiled!

…and we smiled!

All too soon, it was time to say g’bye..but not without capturing one sunset alleast!

Sunset at Kata

Sunset at Kata Beach

Oh yes, don’t forget to get a nice, luxurious Thai massage! The ultimate ending for a perfect holiday! But be prepared to be literally pulled, stretched and cracked!

Would I go back again? You bet I will..someday…to relive every moment.

P.S. Excuse the slightly shaky photos, I was too giddy with wining, dining and all the excitement!